The Bands and Music of the Household Division

By Colin Dean, former Band Secretary, Irish Guards

The Massed Bands of The Guards Division in The Mall after Trooping the Colour


The Massed Bands of the Brigade of Guards in Parliament Street

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The Massed Bands, seen on the left of the photograph, in position at the Cenotaph towards the end of the service.

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This unique parade and its music, with glimpses from previous Windsor birthday parades

The Windsor Guard and composite Band formed up on the Quadrangle Lawn

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Some historic accounts of the bands, the music played and alterations since 1809 to the Sovereign's Birthday Parade

The Massed Bands on Horse Guards Parade circa 1875

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Pomp and Circumstance
The Band of The Coldstream Guards
A History 1685-2017

Released in May 2018

John Gleeson's painstaking research has uncovered a whole new picture of the band's formation and development over the past 332 years.

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The Band of The Welsh Guards
A Centenary

Band of The Welsh Guards : A Centenary

March 2016 marks 100 years since the band's first public performance.

Military music historian Colin Dean is the author of a 293 page book celebrating the centenary. It looks at the band's development, its uniforms, the places it has visited, the music it has played and some of the great occasions in which it took part.

Most importantly of all, it celebrates the ladies and gentlemen who have served in the band and made it synonomous with musical excellence for one hundred years, taking the music of Wales around the globe and making it so proudly part of our nation's heritage.

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Jiggs: A Biography of Lieutenant Colonel C. H. Jaeger O.B.E.

An extensive illustrated biography of the life, work and accomplishments of Colonel 'Jiggs' Jaeger.

Author: Colin Dean

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Trooping the Colour, 1864 - 2008

Music Programmes from the Sovereign's Birthday Parades
compiled by Colin Dean
A thoroughly researched volume which also includes notes on personnel
(Senior Director of Music etc.) and also brief notes on parades such as 'first use of SA80'
or 'first time Kings Troop took part' etc. where appropriate.

A must for the library shelves of all those who enjoy the musical aspect of
British ceremonial occasions

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Amazing Grace was 'Top of the Pops' for five weeks in 1972 and changed forever the concept of combining the sound of the pipes with the military band. The regiment's new name became well-known throughout much of the world and the bands found themselves involved in numerous overseas tours.

In 2009 the album Spirit of the Glen - Journey had a similar success and won a Classical Brit Award, stirring the emotions of the nation as many of the tracks had been recorded in Basra while the pipers and drummers were on active service in a war zone.

These were special highlights but are just part of a unique musical heritage spanning 343 years that have seen the bands at the very heart of the pageantry of Scotland, as well as representing the nation across the globe. They have uniquely been photographed with a Russian Tsar, a US President and a Pope.

The military band was disbanded in 1994 to great regret, but the pipes and drums have continued and their music has taken new directions, including collaborations with guitarist Mark Knopfler.

This new book explores their great musical history and heritage, and it includes the story behind the unique white bearskin. It has over 300 pages with more than 700 photographs and illustrations, including many of the mounted bands which provided such a wonderful spectacle up until the second world war.

The book is priced at 40.00 (including p&p for posting to the UK), and 30.00 (incl UK p&p) for serving and retired members of the Regiment.

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